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Here’s where I stand on some of the key issues facing North Dakota and our nation right now. If you know me, you know I have always preferred persuasion over power, humility over hyperbole, and candor over the cowardice of not saying what you think. I have never forgotten where I came from and I have always remained accessible through my town halls and continued outreach, which helps me remain accountable to you - the people of North Dakota. I will bring that same level of commitment to transparency, accountability and accessibility with me to the Senate.
-- Kevin Cramer
issues - tax cuts

Tax cuts good for North Dakota

I’ve always stood in support of pro-growth economic policies that empower taxpayers [...]

issues - national security

National Security

I believe America leads best when it leads from a position of strength. Our enemies [...]

issues - reform creates jobs

Regulatory reform creates job and economic growth

I continue to enthusiastically push for rollback of onerous federal regulations that [...]

issues - waters of the U.S. rule

Waters of the U.S. rule

Speaking of onerous regulation, I have consistently opposed the Waters of [...]

Issues - Illegal Immigrations

Illegal immigration and sanctuary cities

I believe it is absolutely necessary for our country to secure our borders. In accordance [...]

issues - above all energy

All-of-the-above energy

God has blessed North Dakota with a wealth of natural resources, many of which power the [...]

issues - pro life


Life is precious. Every child should have the chance for life, liberty and the pursuit of [...]

issues - farm bill

Farm Bill

North Dakota farmers deserve to be supported with a strong Farm Bill that provides stability [...]

issues - healthcare


It is imperative we replace Obamacare with a plan that provides immediate relief for families [...]

issues - strong military

Strong military and support for our veterans

Maintaining the most powerful military force on earth has long been a key priority of mine. [...]

issues - tax cuts

The Second Amendment

Our Second Amendment is one of the most paramount and cherished rights enjoyed [...]

issues - social security and medicare

Social Security & Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are essential programs for American seniors. Due to the aging [...]

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