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President Trump in Fargo

Jun 27 2018
President Trump lit up the Scheel’s Arena with his campaign rally this evening, drawing a massive throng of supporters far exceeding the capacity of the venue.

President Trump’s commitment to advancing North Dakota values and his “Make America Great Again” agenda continues to build enthusiasm and optimism here in our state.

“It was a great honor to have the President visit North Dakota,” Kevin said.  “He made it crystal clear who would be the best choice to help him advance our shared vision of a pro-growth business agenda and job creation, strong border security, a rock-solid national defense system and an all-of-the-above energy policy. I am grateful to have his unequivocal support for my campaign and his continued endorsement. In the months ahead, we are looking forward to building on the enthusiasm we are seeing each and every day from North Dakotans all across our great state.”

Thanks again to President Trump for visiting North Dakota!  We support him because he supports us, where and when it counts for our state. We’re grateful for the President’s support and his enthusiastic endorsement of Kevin and the Cramer campaign.  The energy is clearly on our side heading into November.
Kevin Cramer with President Trump
Congressman Kevin Cramer with President Donald Trump

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