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President Trump endorses Kevin Cramer for Senate seat

Mar 01 2018

March 1, 2018
President Trump endorses Kevin Cramer for Senate seat
Bismarck, N.D. – “I am deeply honored to have earned President Trump’s endorsement for my Senate campaign,” said Rep. Kevin Cramer. “President Trump has had a huge impact on North Dakota in many ways and continuing this work for the benefit of my constituents is a top priority as we head into the campaign.”
In making the endorsement, Michael Glassner, chief operating officer for Donald J. Trump for President, said, “Kevin is the type of leader the President needs to expand the GOP margin in the U.S. Senate and to support his agenda for more jobs and economic growth. We are happy to support Kevin Cramer for Senate and encourage all North Dakotans to support his candidacy in the GOP primary on June 12 and again in the General Election this November.”
A long-time supporter of President Trump, Rep. Cramer said Trump’s pro-growth tax reform legislation, dismantling of Obama-era regulations, and pro-life views are responsible for Trump’s favorability in North Dakota.
Tax reform legislation, Cramer said, is putting money into the pockets of middle-class citizens and allowing businesses to reinvest and expand. “We have 12 Wal-Marts in North Dakota and their decision to give bonuses as a result of the tax legislation is putting cash in wallets right now,” he said.  Cramer also noted state utility regulators were able to decrease the amount of requested rate increases from the states utilities as a result of lower corporate tax rate from the reform legislation. 
Trump’s early actions to unbundle onerous regulation spawned from the Obama administration also have made a big difference in North Dakota, especially for energy operations in western North Dakota. “Energy producers in the Bakken are back to work in a big way and are investing in technology that continue to unlock our energy resources in an environmentally sustainable way.” 
Cramer added that Trump’s restructuring of the Environmental Protection Agency and the elimination of the infamous Waters of the United States rule is helping the state’s agriculture sector by ridding them of a burdensome regulation that gave the government regulatory authority over water bodies as small as puddles.  “WOTUS was regulation that didn’t have a purpose,” Cramer said. “It’s a great example of President Trump’s tough stance on regulation that killed business growth and stopped progress. We need regulation that provides strong environmental protection while also allowing business to grow and create jobs and stimulate the economy.”
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