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Kevin Cramer Stands Strong for Our Seniors

Aug 09 2018

August 8, 2018
Kevin Cramer Stands Strong for Our Seniors
Co-Sponsoring HR 1026 adds to a longstanding history of fighting for North Dakota’s seniors
BISMARCK -- Kevin Cramer yesterday announced he will cosponsor House Resolution 1026 an effort that calls on Congress to protect Social Security, as it provides “an essential benefit for current enrollees and should be strengthened for future generations.”

"Over 60 million Americans rely on Social Security," Kevin Cramer said, reiterating his call for Congress "to protect these important programs for our seniors and strengthen them for future generations."

Kevin Cramer has long been a champion for North Dakota’s seniors. He believes we must protect the benefits that today’s beneficiaries receive along with the benefits of those nearing eligibility, while also preserving benefits for future generations that will rely on these programs. As we go forward with solutions, I believe we need to focus on incremental program changes to future recipients now aged 55 and under.

“The longer we wait to address the issue, the more severe the eventual remedy will become,” Cramer has said. “I am committed to finding the right path that protects these valuable programs not only for our seniors now enjoying these benefits but for the generations that follow them.”


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