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Cramer campaign announces new ad launch

Jun 01 2018
June 1, 2018

Cramer campaign announces new ad launch
Vote on tax cuts shows clear contrast between the candidates 
Bismarck, N.D. – Today, the Cramer for U.S. Senate Campaign launched a new :30 second TV ad called “Tax Cuts.”  The ad highlights the many benefits of the tax cuts the state and nation are now enjoying by creating new jobs and economic growth.  
"These tax cuts have had a tremendous positive impact and show a clear contrast between Kevin Cramer and Heidi Heitkamp," said Tim Rasmussen, communications director for the campaign. "Kevin voted to support the tax cuts and the growth coming from this landmark reform while Heidi not only voted against the tax cuts but said she would repeal them."
Rasmussen said the new jobs report combined with the recent news of record federal revenues and a budget surplus is fueling American optimism in our economy and going up with the TV ad now is very timely. 
In the ad featuring Kevin Cramer walking through a manufacturing facility, he states North Dakota received the largest tax reduction in the nation and explains over 90 percent of North Dakotans will benefit from the tax cut. 
Media Asset:  Link to Cramer TV Ad “Tax Cuts

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