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Cramer applauds Pence tax message

Mar 27 2018

March 27, 2018
Cramer applauds Pence tax message
Bismarck, N.D. – Rep. Kevin Cramer applauded the Trump/Pence administration’s focus on job growth and economic stimulation during Vice President Pence’s visit to North Dakota on March 27.  “Mike Pence epitomizes the best qualities of a public servant and he and President Trump have been true friends of North Dakota,” Cramer said. 
The work to simplify the tax code and cut taxes is working and Cramer said there are plenty of examples. “We have 12 Wal-Marts in North Dakota and their decision to give bonuses as a result of the tax legislation is putting money on the streets,” he said.  Cramer also reported statistics from the North Dakota Tax Department showing a middle-income family, with an adjusted gross income of $85,000, will see a federal tax decrease of $2,400.  In addition, he said, state utility regulators were able to decrease the amount of requested rate increases from state investor-owned utilities as a result of lower corporate tax rate from the reform legislation. 
“We are seeing a bright new optimism in the economy as these things happen,” Cramer said. “Also, since the reduction of the corporate tax rate we have removed incentives for business to move overseas so we are keeping jobs here in America.”
Cramer highlighted the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic’s February 2018 jobs report showing the American economy added 313,000 jobs and average hourly earnings rose 2.6 percent over the preceding year. “There is no doubt the tax cuts and reform measures are responsible for the excellent statistics we are now seeing,” he said. 
Cramer said he is committed to supporting the Trump/Pence administration’s pro-growth and pro-business agenda. “Rolling back burdensome regulations and providing tax reform is producing results.
It’s important to keep this great work moving through the federal legislature. This is exactly what I intend to do as the next Senator from North Dakota.”
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