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Cramer Campaign Launches New Digital Ad: Farms

Oct 23 2018
Bismarck, ND – Cramer for Senate launched a new digital ad highlighting Kevin Cramer’s work to fight for North Dakota’s agriculture community:
“North Dakota feeds the world,” said Congressman Cramer. “I’m honored to be endorsed by the North Dakota and American Farm Bureau. The recent agreement with Mexico and Canada keeps our largest markets open. The tax cuts gave farmers a big boost, and so will year-round sales of E15. We’re making progress, and I’ll work with our president to get even more done.”
“Kevin Cramer knows the best way to end a trade war is to win a trade war,” said Cramer for Senate Communications Director Tim Rasmussen. “Undermining the president while siding with foreign countries, like his opponent repeatedly does, is not good for North Dakota. Kevin understands that we need to continue these efforts since the chances for another trade negotiation won’t come around again for decades.”
For more information, contact:
Tim Rasmussen, Communications Director
Cramer for US Senate
(701) 415-0050 Ext. 405

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