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National Security

I believe America leads best when it leads from a position of strength. Our enemies must know our resolve is ironclad and we will not back down in the face of aggression or terror. For these reasons, I support holding Iran accountable and doing what it takes to prevent the Ayatollah and his regime from acquiring nuclear weapons and threatening our country and our allies. I support the actions of the administration regarding Syria, using punitive, surgical strikes when necessary to demonstrate that America will not stand idly by when chemical weapons of mass murder are unleashed on innocent civilians. I support a tough approach to the Kim regime in North Korea that leads to conclusive denuclearization. All options must be on the table to ensure the stability of the Indo-Pacific region for our many allies there, as well as its status as a major commercial corridor. Beyond this, ensuring our homeland's own national security is our most important responsibility in government. That's why I support enhanced vetting, to make sure bad actors and security threats are not allowed access into to the United States.

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