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Strong military and support for our veterans

Maintaining the most powerful military force on earth has long been a key priority of mine. Our Armed Forces are a global power for good and consist of the finest men and women our country has to offer. They selflessly put their lives on the line to maintain our freedoms, and we owe them an eternal debt of gratitude. That is why we must ensure the military is properly funded so they have the best equipment possible. Beyond that, when our veterans return home, our duty to them and their families is not over. We must ensure our veterans are getting world-class care and assistance and we must give back to those that gave so much for us. That’s why I supported the VA Mission Act. This legislation was enacted into law in early June, allowing the expansion of private care for veterans as an alternative to the VA system. This legislation is vitally important to rural states like North Dakota where veterans must travel great distances to see a VA doctor or the local facility cannot provide the care they need. 

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